MoTMA or The Museum of Takeaway Menu Art is believed to be the only institution of it's kind in the world. It was started from
humble beginnings way back in 2008 in Salford, Greater Manchester and was then known as The Salford & District Takeaway Menu Museum.
It was expensively re-branded in 2013 to become MoTMA. It's founder and Director Mark Page aimed to not only create the largest
archive of takeaway menus in England but also form a resource where the study and celebration of the takeaway menu could take place.

"We applaud you for preserving 21st century printed ephemera and there's no doubt that your specialised field will hold particular historical significance in the future"

Malcolm Warrington
The Ephemera Society

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Great Gifts To Takeaway!

We sell a wide range of T-shirts, books, gifts, souvenirs and a variety of other merchandise. The shop is run directly by MoTMA volunteers, students and well spoken retired people and all profits go towards the operation of the Museum and the restoration of our menus.

All our prices are inflated to reflect the presumed exclusivity of the gifts but we do operate a discount scheme for members ( membership costs start at £1500 per annum and gets you 10% off all normal priced gifts). We accept payment by cash, cheque and all gold or platinum credit cards.

                                  Exclusive MoTMA T-shirts in S M L XL and of course XXXXL only £19.99 + p&p

                                            What better way to cut through the grease after a kebab than
                                            with a nice cup of tea drunk from one of our exclusive designer
                                             mugs only £9.99 + p&p (Teabags NOT included)

                                               Order your meal online using our exclusive mouse mat
                                               only £12.99 + p&p (Mouse for illustrative purposes only)

                                             Show her how much you love her with a pizza and one of our
                                             exclusive hand made limited edition (1) jewellery boxes only
                                             £39.99  (NOT the Jewellery you cheap sod)

                                 Keep your little chicken nuggets quiet with our exclusive MoTMA colouring set
                                 only £5.99 + p&p

                            Order at info@manchesterphotography.com

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