MoTMA or The Museum of Takeaway Menu Art is believed to be the only institution of it's kind in the world. It was started from
humble beginnings way back in 2008 in Salford, Greater Manchester and was then known as The Salford & District Takeaway Menu Museum.
It was expensively re-branded in 2013 to become MoTMA. It's founder and Director Mark Page aimed to not only create the largest
archive of takeaway menus in England but also form a resource where the study and celebration of the takeaway menu could take place.

"We applaud you for preserving 21st century printed ephemera and there's no doubt that your specialised field will hold particular historical significance in the future"

Malcolm Warrington
The Ephemera Society

Saturday, 1 March 2014


The care, conservation and technical research of the menus in MoTMA's collection is undertaken by the conservation and collections management division.
We combine our knowledge of materials and history of technology with state of the art facilities and scientific techniques to care for, research and interpret our menus.

If you have a takeaway menu at home that you'd like to know how to look after then you can ask our advice You can also request an image from our photography department.

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